Get closer to the world

Around the world, history is being made at the grassroots. World-changing social innovations and social movements—and the people who lead them—emerge from the community level. That’s why Conn offers you a multitude of ways to get close to the day-to-day challenges, the aspirations, and the nuances of communities around the world. 

When you  study abroad, you’ll examine global issues from a local perspective—whether you’re studying chemistry in South Africa or anthropology in Vietnam. More than 55 percent of Conn students study abroad—one of the highest percentages of any liberal arts college in America. 

Language is central to understanding a community’s history, values and hopes. So we teach 11 languages in all—one of the largest offerings among our peers—with an innovative focus on cultural and colloquial fluency.

Other ways to internationalize your Conn experience:

  • Become a scholar in the Toor Cummings Center for International Studies and the Liberal Arts. The CISLA certificate program allows you to internationalize any majors through intensive language study and a funded international internship.
  • Complete an international internship. All Conn students are eligible for $3,000 in funding for a domestic or international internship. Recent internships include an anthropology major who worked for an academic feminist journal in Durban, South Africa; a behavioral neuroscience major who interned at a public health clinic in Nicaragua; and an East Asian studies student who interned with a public interest law firm in Beijing, China.
  • Join one of our 18 international clubs or language clubs and exchange worldviews with fellow students from 44 countries and professors doing cross-border, cross-cultural research.
  • Become a language fellow aand plan events and programs for your fellow students: we’ve had a Greek and Latin Vocabulary Challenge, a trip to a Russian sauna in New York City, an international poetry night and viewing parties for Spanish Premier League football games.
  • Live in Knowlton, our international residence hall
  • Drop by Freeman Dining Room to have lunch at one of the language tables.
  • Visit the Language and Culture Center, a media center promoting language and cultural learning.

With the perspectives you gain from your global experiences and living and learning locally, you’ll be equipped to be an astute partner and valued contributor, wherever you go in the world.